Instance comparisons, configuration snapshots, best practice analyzer, tuning advisor, multi-scripting tool, index manager, sql server inventory tool, remote desktop connection manager and much more.

£ 0/year


  • Advisor
  • Compare*
  • Compare CLI*
  • Monitor*
  • Estate Manager
  • Script*
  • Human Support
  • *limited to two instances
£ 499/user

per user, charged yearly

  • Advisor
  • Compare
  • Compare CLI
  • Monitor
  • Estate Manager
  • Script
  • Human Support
Support Community Professional
Automatic Updates
Community Support
Human Support
Advisor Community Professional
Advanced Index Management
Missing Index Detection
Unused and Disabled Indexes
Duplicate and Overlapping Indexes
Index Naming Convention
Instance Settings Analysis
Database Settings Analysis
Table Analysis
Best Practice Analyzer
Integrity Checks
Connection Analysis
Prioritised Improvements
Suggested Scripts
Detailed Explanations
Suggested Reading
Estate Manager Community Professional
Team Profiles
Server Discovery
Remote Connection Manager (RDP & SSMS)
Estate Dashboard
Secure Profiles
Server Categorization
Server Grouping
Bulk Import
Monitor Community Professional
Unlimited Servers
25 Built-in Health Checks
Custom Health Checks
Quick Connection Test
Compare Community Professional
Unlimited Servers
45 Built-in Comparisons
Custom Comparisons
Server Objects
Database Settings
Database Objects
Database Mail
Instance Level Security
Database Level Security
Server Properties
SQL Server Agent
Azure Specific Comparisons
Save Snapshots
Compare Against Previous Snapshots
Compare CLI
Script Community Professional
Unlimited Servers
Multi-Server Scripting
Export Results