Fill Factor Value Is Same as Default

This warning is raised when an index fill factor is an explicitly set to a value which is the same as the current database default.

Although not an immediate problem in its own right, if the database default is changed and all indexes rebuilt, there may be the expectation that this index will take on the new fill factor. So consider whether this index requires a custom fill factor, and more specifically, whether it needs it set to the same as the database default.

Suggested Action

šŸ’” Aireforge Advisor can automatically generate a script for this.

Remove the explicit setting and configure the fill factor to be the database default.

How to Specify an Index Fill Factor in SQL Server


How to Remove an Explicitly Set Index Fill Factor in SQL Server

-- Drop and recreate the index without specifying the fill factor.
DROP INDEX [IX_IndexName] ON [TableName]
CREATE INDEX [IX_IndexName] ON [TableName] (TableID)

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