Installation Issues

Unable to Load lexactivator64.dll

Aireforge has some dependencies that must be installed prior to installation. These dependencies are shared with SQL Server Management Studio and are, therefore, not usually required. If they are missing, you will receive the following error message.

Unable to load lexactivator64.dll

Unable to Connect to SQL Server

SQL Server Connection Failed Message Window

Unable to connect to SQL Server

  • Check that SQL Server is listening on the protocol you have selected. Usually, this is TCP\IP for all but local instances.
  • Check that SQL Server is listening on the port you have selected. The default TCP port for SQL Server is 1433. If you require another port, add :portnumber to the end of the hostname.
  • Review the Microsoft article Solving Connectivity errors to SQL Server.
  • If possible, check that the connectivity to the intending port is open using telnet (see using telnet).