Who the Chuff Are Aireforge?

Who the Chuff Are Aireforge?

Good question? Probably not, but you're here now and may as well keep reading.

So, you're curious to know more about us?

You must be genuinely interested if you're reading our About Us section. Well, no judgments here! Thanks for taking an interest in what we're up to. Hopefully, you'll find our story both enlightening and engaging.

In the Beginning

Aireforge was founded by Drew and Phil back in 2015. Phil was working as a contract DBA for a client with around 150 SQL Servers, where even a small configuration difference could wreak havoc on response times and stability. After countless hours of crafting, running, analysing, and fine-tuning scripts to compare servers, we decided it was time for a change and developed an application to assist us.

The AlienšŸ‘½Armpit and OmniCompare

As we set out to create a range of products for managing large SQL Server environments, we chose to prefix our module names with Omni; like OmniCompare, OmniScript, OmniCheck, and so on. Now, as for our company name, well, that's a bit of a tale. It all happened in 2015, in the simpler days before COVID. Phil suggested "Alien Armpit," and somehow, it stuck (for about six months).

I quite like the name Alien Armpit. The colour, though, is f**king nasty!.

By 2016, we decided to let go of the name while holding onto the colour.

Aireforge ("After the Virus")?

Drew left, citing creative differences, and the Aireforge team started collaborating with our counterparts at xTEN. They're SQL Server and Azure experts using Aireforge tools, some of which aren't public yet, to revolutionise managed services. The results have been promising.

The improvements and programs developed in partnership with xTEN benefit our customers. Managing diverse databases, versions, and business needs really puts our tools to the test. Both companies are based in Leeds, Yorkshire, but the team primarily works remotely, coming together whenever possible.

We'd offer to make a virtual cuppa, but chances are we'd miss you even if you took us up on it. If you fancy a chat, feel free to drop us a message. We'll gladly arrange a virtual chat over a cup of coffee.

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