Is your SQL Server estate unresponsive, unstable or temperamental?
Supercharge your systems and take back control with Aireforge Advisor.

Complete insight on how to tune your estate.

Aireforge Advisor sweeps across your SQL Server instances to find what's holding you back. Over 70 checks are performed, providing you with instant clarity on issues such as overlapping indexes, orphaned users and high-risk system admin settings.

In-depth explanations on what to fix and why.

Not only does Aireforge tell you what to fix, it provides you with a comprehensive explanation on why it needs amending. Complete with official documentation and industry expert advice, Aireforge ensures you and your team can supercharge your SQL Server and keep it at its best.

Results window collated by severity in Aireforge Advisor SQL Server advice window within Aireforge Advisor

"We sped a query up from 5 minutes to 5 seconds using best practices recommended in the Advisor module. It took minutes to make the changes necessary."

Corin Grieves

Head of Infrastructure, JacTravel

Drill down into the detail and tackle by priority.

Aireforge Advisor isolates the exact components that need to be addressed. Each optimization is assigned a severity level, giving you clarity on the issues that impact service the most.

Your results can be arranged to suit your workflow, this feature accompanied with the in-depth explanations help to quickly cure those SQL Server headaches for good.

Advisor results detail within Aireforge Advisor

Selecting an Optimization Strategy in Aireforge Advisor

Customize your optimization strategy.

Looking to delegate certain categories to team members? Maybe there's specific components you're more concerned with monitoring often?

Aireforge Advisor lets you hone in on the elements that matter to you. Customizing your session lets you filter down the results to keep an eye on the metrics that matter.

Ready to supercharge your SQL Server estate?

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