Is your SQL Server feeling a bit lethargic? Breathe new life into it and retake control with Aireforge Advisor.

Gain comprehensive insights for fine-tuning your estate

Aireforge Advisor delves deep into your SQL Server instances, spotlighting bottlenecks and potential pitfalls. With over 70 checks, you're equipped with immediate insights into overlapping indexes, orphaned users, and high-risk system admin settings.

Understand the hows and whys behind each recommendation

Aireforge doesn’t merely highlight problems; it enlightens. Dive into the rationale behind each suggestion, bolstered by official documentation and insights from seasoned industry professionals.

Results window collated by severity in Aireforge Advisor SQL Server advice window within Aireforge Advisor

"We sped a query up from 5 minutes to 5 seconds using the best practices recommended in the Advisor module. The changes were implemented in mere minutes."

Corin Grieves

Head of Infrastructure, JacTravel

Delve into the details and prioritise with precision

Each component highlighted by Aireforge Advisor is graded by its severity, ensuring you tackle the most pressing issues first.

Organise your results to align with your workflow and confront SQL Server challenges in a streamlined manner.

Advisor results detail within Aireforge Advisor

Selecting an Optimisation Strategy in Aireforge Advisor

Customise your optimisation approach to your unique needs

Looking to assign tasks to team members or keen on focusing on particular system elements?

With Aireforge Advisor, hone in on the metrics that truly matter, filtering results to keep an eye only on your top priorities.

Keen to enhance your SQL Server's efficiency?

Join the community of professionals who rely on Aireforge Advisor for their SQL Server fine-tuning.

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