Finding it challenging to oversee your SQL Server estate? Organise, manage and master your system with Aireforge Estate

Craft the structure of your estate

Centralise and simplify the management of your database instances with Aireforge Estate. Whether you’re adding servers individually or in bulk, we’ve got you covered

Upon connection, Aireforge instinctively recognises your SQL Server version, ensuring that our optimisation tools are precisely tailored to each instance

Rest assured, your sensitive estate data is safeguarded using state-of-the-art encryption standards

Aireforge Estate’s new servers addition window

Aireforge SQL Server build overview

Illuminate your infrastructure

A panoramic view of all your SQL Server versions and builds. Log your insights and always have your server specifics within reach

Personalise your server organisation with custom tags

While Aireforge can categorise your estate conventionally, we appreciate the uniqueness of each infrastructure. Tailor server organisation with custom tags and colours, moulding your environments to perfection

Tag configuration in Aireforge Estate
Server categorisation in Aireforge Estate

Eager to refine your infrastructure management?

Be among the professionals elevating their SQL Server management with Aireforge Estate

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