Aireforge Studio v1.11: UI & SQL Server Script Enhancements

What's New in Aireforge Studio v1.11

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Version 1.11 of Aireforge Studio brings a range of modifications that continue our commitment to enhancing the user experience, improving performance, and extending functionality. Dive into the highlights of this release below.

Key Enhancements

  • UI Enhancements:

    • Advise Module: The Advise UI received major improvements, offering users a more intuitive interaction.
    • Estate Module: Now, you can view SQL build number, edition, and OS name in the Estate overview for a comprehensive insight.
  • Advanced Checks and Scripts for SQL Server:

    • Advise Module:
      • Enhanced the non-clustered index check. Now, the system suggests converting a non-clustered primary key before an identity column.
      • The index property dialog has been enriched and now showcases seeks, scans, lookup, and fragmentation information.
      • Introduced checks for virtual log file (VLF) count, suspected bad pages, and unused tables (that had no rows or reads since the instance was initiated).
      • Better handling of unused indexes and missing clustered indexes on empty tables.
    • General Improvements:
      • Updated application and CLI icons to a dog icon � adding a touch of personality to your Aireforge experience!

Bug Fixes

In this release, we also tackled several bugs to improve stability:

  • Advise Module:
    • Resolved an issue with checking auto update/create statistics settings.
    • Addressed a bug that would sometimes count hypothetical indexes when checking for duplicates.
    • Enhanced the functionality related to indexes being used more than clustered indexes.
  • General Fixes:
    • Fixed an application freeze that occurred when trying to send mail in offline mode.

Aireforge Studio Version 1.11

Final Words

Version 1.11 is a testament to our dedication to delivering value with every update. We continue to refine Aireforge Studio based on user feedback, ensuring it remains the premier tool for SQL server management and more.

Release Notes

Version 1.11 - AUG 2018

Module Description
Advise Several improvements and bug fixes as detailed above.
Estate Display SQL build number, edition, and OS name in Estate overview.
General Bug fix: Application freezes when sending mail in offline mode. Updated icons to dog icon.