Aireforge Studio v1.13: Enhanced Scripting, UI, & Compare Features

What's New in Aireforge Studio v1.13

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Version 1.13 of Aireforge Studio accentuates our commitment to refining the user experience, optimizing performance, and ensuring reliability. Let's delve into the enhancements, new additions, and bug resolutions brought in this update.

Enhancements and Additions

  • Compare Module:

    • Results now default to the grid view, replacing the former summary graphs.
    • Errors due to non-readable AG nodes will not be flagged as differences anymore.
    • Introduced a right-click 'Take Snapshot' feature on the servers table in the Compare view.
    • Overhauled the UI for loading comparison snapshots, offering a clearer understanding of their functionality.
  • Script Module:

    • Improved execution speed for scripts with multiple batches (i.e., GO statements) � witnessing up to 25x speed improvement in certain cases.
    • Enhanced UI feedback; if a SQL connection drops during a query, the UI identifies and displays this.
    • The progress area now displays the count of batches and indicates which batch is currently in execution.
    • Real-time results updates for long-running queries ensure that users know the progression.
    • The messages tab is auto-selected if any errors arise.
    • SQL validation (using Ctrl+F5) has been optimized, detecting a broader range of errors.
  • Advise Module:

    • Resolved a bug where certain option combinations prevented the capture of instance properties.
    • Fixed an intermittent issue that halted queries in Advise if a query was terminated and swiftly restarted.
    • A bug that occasionally bypassed database file size checks has been addressed.
    • TempDB now displays as an individual node in the Advise results view. This classification ensures all TempDB issues are conveniently visible under the instance node.
    • Health Check scripts can now have quote characters escaped using a backslash.
  • General Updates:

    • Removed the registration prompt for a smoother application experience.
    • A minor painting bug on the main Ribbon has been corrected.

Aireforge Studio Version 1.13

Closing Thoughts

Version 1.13 epitomizes our dedication to continuous improvement. Your feedback fuels our progress, and we eagerly anticipate the next milestones on this journey together.

Release Notes

Version 1.13

Module Description
Compare Major enhancements to the user interface, snapshot functionalities, and error handling.
Script Accelerated script execution, enriched UI feedback, and improved SQL validation.
Advise Numerous bug fixes, improved data visibility, and enhanced script handling.
General Streamlined user experience with the removal of registration prompts and minor bug resolutions.