Aireforge Studio v1.14: Optimize Module & Enhanced UI Features

What's New in Aireforge Studio v1.14

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The newest release, Aireforge Studio 1.14, is another stride towards our objective of offering a flawless user experience, solid performance, and enhanced features. In this release, we've introduced several new checks, optimized the existing functionalities, and fixed various bugs. Let's dive into the details.

New Features & Enhancements

  • Optimize Module:

    • The module previously known as 'Advise' has now been aptly renamed to 'Optimize'.
    • A myriad of new checks introduced, including DBCC CHECKDB recency, database recovery model checks, detecting disabled check constraints, transaction log backups, and many more.
    • Improved UI for selecting the desired checks, with precise top-level categorization (performance, security, stability, data integrity, and ease of use).
    • Introduced settings pages for check customization, including parameters for various evaluations.
    • Enhanced error handling, ensuring isolated errors don't disrupt the entire analysis.
    • Bug fixes related to index suggestions, SQL Error Logs, and more.
    • The "Advise" functionality has been rebranded as "Optimize", while the "Health Check" functionality has its own dedicated tab.
  • Check Module:

    • Health Checks have been improved, especially in handling errors related to Availability Groups.
    • Several new definitions added, and existing definitions updated.
  • Script Module:

    • Enhanced database connection management, ensuring smoother and uninterrupted operations.
  • Compare Module:

    • Enhanced the System Information comparison feature, now supporting Linux OS info.
  • General Updates:

    • Better support for database names with special characters.
    • Addressed handling of timeouts.
    • Proxy support introduced for efficient license management.
    • Consistent server tag tree widths throughout the application.
    • Introduced powerful regular expressions in the server search field.
    • Streamlined UI enhancements, like the consistent location of the server search field and a "What's Changed" button post-updates.

Aireforge Studio Version 1.14

Final Words

Aireforge Studio 1.14 stands testament to our relentless drive towards perfection. Your valuable feedback has been our north star, guiding our journey. Stay tuned for more updates, and we're excited for the continued journey ahead.

Release Notes

Version 1.14

Module Description
Optimize Comprehensive enhancements to checks, UI improvements, error handling, and performance boosts.
Check Improved Health Checks and updated definitions.
Script Refined database connection management.
Compare Added support for Linux OS info in System Information comparisons.
General Multiple UI, proxy support, and consistency improvements, alongside other upgrades.