Aireforge Studio v1.16: Key Improvements & Enhanced User Experience

What's New in Aireforge Studio v1.16

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With the release of Aireforge Studio 1.16, we have made both major and subtle improvements, ensuring that our users have a smoother and more intuitive experience. Below is a comprehensive summary of the updates in this version:

Version 1.16 (AUG 2020)

Module Description
- Resolved error when checking max memory on SQL Server 2016+ Enterprise Edition.
- Added warning for SQL Server version support nearing or past expiration.
- Old backup history is ignored if <1,000 rows.
- Introduced support for LARGE_PAGES when checking memory model.
- Enhanced formatting in the Optimize result pane.
- Improved outputs for failed logins, data & log sizes checks.
- Overhauled all documentation and explanatory pages.
- The Community Edition is capped at 5 servers for both Compare and Script modules.
- A prompt to the website for feedback is initiated upon uninstalling Aireforge.
- Integrated "Copy Hostname" right-click function across modules.
- Added right-click functionalities: "Compare Selected Servers" in Compare/Check/Script and "Optimize Highlighted Server" in Estate/Check/Script.
- Introduced "Launch RDP/SMSS" right-click function in Results view.
- Enhanced Check & Summary button images with higher resolutions.
- Refined the "Discover from SSMS" feature.
- Documentation now sourced from

As always, your feedback helps us in making Aireforge Studio more efficient and user-friendly. We sincerely thank our community for their continued support and look forward to the journey ahead.

For a more detailed breakdown, visit Aireforge Release Notes.