Aireforge Studio v1.17: Optimize Enhancements & UI Updates

What's New in Aireforge Studio v1.17

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The release of Aireforge Studio 1.17 has brought a wave of enhancements and fixes. Below is a concise breakdown of the updates in this version:

Version 1.17 (Jan 2021)

Module Description
- Numerous enhancements to findings output.
- Highlighting of multiple Query Store issues if detected.
- Non-default fill factors check has been moved to Housekeeping.
- Enhanced caching for performance improvement.
- Better output scripts for filtered indexes.
- Optimize won't be executed for SQL Server 2005 or prior (Upgrade recommended due to its age).
- Enhanced details for suggested missing indexes.
- Significant improvements to missing index suggestions & provided information.
- Missing index suggestions with low impact scores can now be ignored (default threshold is 100,000).
- Extensive enhancements to fragmented index suggestions & associated information.
- Index rebuilds now default to using SORT_IN_TEMPDB = ON.
- Bug resolved concerning ordering tables by missing index impact.
- Index column orders bug fixed, which could lead to incorrect suggestions.
- Bug fix for obtaining the instance version.
- Improved and standardized the toolbar, icons, and options for a consistent UI.
- Introduced support for Azure Active Directory - both Password & Integrated methods.
- Augmented list of T-SQL keywords.

The team remains dedicated to ensuring Aireforge Studio serves its users to the fullest. We deeply appreciate the continued patronage and welcome any feedback.

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