Aireforge Studio v1.19: Enhanced Features & SQL Server 2022 Support

What's New in Aireforge Studio v1.19

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The following updates encompass changes made in Aireforge Studio versions 1.18 and 1.19:

Version 1.18 & 1.19

Module Description
- No longer suggests the removal of unused indexes that are unique or unique constraints.
- Removed Optimize from the standard trial (can be obtained upon request).
- Standardized the categories to align with other industry tools.
- Basic support added for SQL Server 2022 and Azure Synapse.
- New checks for incorrectly configured or wasteful CPU/Socket configurations in hosts.
- Introduced the capability to export Optimize results to JSON.
- Items will now be flagged as unused after a 90-day period.
- Enhanced the message for Query Store recommendations.
- For duplicate and overlapping indexes, potential storage savings are now displayed.
- Resolved a bug which falsely reported tables as lacking a clustered index.
- Fixed spelling errors both in the app and the website that affected compatibility checks.
- Updated MSSQL versions.
- Deprecated license key information provided for Aireforge Pro users trying to validate old licenses.
- User licensing library transitioned to the newest major version.
- Introduced the feature to export Comparisons to JSON.
- Fixed a bug observed in the comparison differences results view.

The Aireforge team continuously strives to enhance the software for optimal user experience. User feedback remains invaluable in our development process.

For a more detailed breakdown, please refer to the Aireforge Release Notes.