Aireforge Studio v1.20: .NET Upgrade & SQL Server 2022 Support

What's New in Aireforge Studio v1.20

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The following details the updates made in Aireforge Studio version 1.20:

Version 1.20

Module Description
- Upgraded Aireforge to .NET 4.8
- Menu text improved and typographical errors corrected
- JSON files will no longer open automatically after being saved
- RDP can only be opened for SQL Server
- Added support for SQL Server 2022
Advisor (Previously "Optimize")
- Skips Query Store checks for Express Edition
- Introduced several new checks including:
- Affinity Type
- Boost SQL Server Priority
- CLR integration and related security options
- xp_cmdshell, Remote access, Analyze worker threads, Blocked process threshold, Ole automation procedures
- Made improvements to the layout of results
- Enhanced checks for Query Store
- Extended the affinity check to cover both processor and I/O
- Advised to activate trace flags if Query Store is in use
- Provided recommendations on trace flags for backup messages
- Enhanced the message relayed when the fill factor is set similar to server default
- Advisor will not run for unsupported SQL Server versions
- Suggested indexes now adhere to the naming convention and don't replicate stats of existing indexes
Monitor (Previously "Check")

The Aireforge team is constantly working towards refining the software to deliver a seamless user experience. User insights and feedback remain invaluable in guiding our development.

For a comprehensive list of changes and detailed explanations, please visit the Aireforge Release Notes.