Aireforge Studio v1.21: Enhanced 4K & SQL Server 2022 Updates

What's New in Aireforge Studio v1.21

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The following summarizes the updates made in Aireforge Studio version 1.21:

Version 1.21 - January 2023

Module Description
- Made improvements suitable for 4k screens
- User Interface (UI) improvements
- Highlights if TF1117 & TF1118 are added to SQL Server 2016 or newer
- Heaps are now taken into account when providing suggestions
- Do not suggest adding or converting a clustered index for unused or small heaps (<255 rows)
- Fixed a bug concerning missing index suggestions
- Resolved a bug associated with socket/core checks
- Removed the server version from the server import dialog
- Introduced support for SQL Server 2022 and enhanced the database check for SQL Server 2019

The Aireforge team continues to optimize and enhance the software to cater to the evolving needs of the user community. As always, user feedback drives our innovation and is highly valued.

For a full list of changes and in-depth explanations, refer to the Aireforge Release Notes.