Aireforge Studio v2.3.2: .NET 6 Upgrade & UI Enhancements

What's New in Aireforge Studio v2.3.2

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The following summarizes the updates made in Aireforge Studio versions 2.0.1 to 2.3.2:

Module Description
Enhanced user interface, improved DPI scaling, and transition to .NET 6.
Installer enhancements, including .NET version checks and download links.
Added support for Beta, Dev, and Early access modes.
Addressed the SQL Data Provider Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability.
Updates to trials, licensing, messaging, and UI improvements.
Major changes to application upgrading, dynamic sizing issues resolution, and dependency updates.
Fixed Advisor issues for Azure SQL DB and index checks, including heap index considerations.
Enhanced usability and stability in Advisor screens, including online index building for certain editions.
Improved 'Send to Script' functionality and auto-sizing columns in result grids.
Improvements to the add server dialog, progress bar, and licensing administration from the login screen.
Enhanced tab navigation and fixed closing behavior for result tabs.

For a full list of changes and in-depth explanations, refer to the Aireforge Release Notes.