Aireforge Studio v2.4: Project Holywood Integration & UI Enhancements

What's New in Aireforge Studio v2.4.0

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The following summarizes the updates made in Aireforge Studio versions 2.3.2 to 2.4.0:

Summary of Changes

Version 2.4.0 includes a complete icon refresh, enhanced user interface, and improved functionality for various modules. Notable updates include structured responses for Advisor checks, increased trial period, support for Entra MFA, and new export options.

Module Description
Full icon refresh and updated UI framework.
Increased trial period to 14 days.
Enhanced Launch RDP from all modules and the ribbon "Connect to Server".
Support for Entra MFA.
Rewritten checks compatible with "Project Holywood" for structured responses.
Advisor Results UI improvements.
Export results to Markdown & Word (beta) and based on UI filters.
Ability to hide accompanying web pages.
Reinstated showing indexes in the tree.
Improved Add/Update Server Dialog.

For a full list of changes and in-depth explanations, refer to the Aireforge Release Notes.