Improve Customer Experience With Aireforge Studio

Improve Customer Experience With Aireforge Studio

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Intuitive are the leading travel technology supplier of the iVector reservation platform. They wanted to ensure they caught any performance issues before they impacted customers, whilst optimising the 'health' of their servers. Using Aireforge Studio, they identified areas to troubleshoot in minutes. In hours, they'd made changes to improve usability. Now, they have a roadmap of improvements to make their application perform even better than before.

The Challenge

Intuitive provide a complete reservation platform for Tour Operators, Online Travel Agents and Hotel Wholesalers. Their customers' databases vary as much as they do - from value-for-money holidays that rely on high transactions, to low-volume, exclusive tours. But whatever the customer, the need is the same: fast, scalable and reliable applications.

Their approach to hosting and server management has always been to know about issues before they impacted customers, but they wanted to take this even further.

The Solution

Intuitive's Infrastructure team ran Aireforge Studio. Within minutes, the application identified areas to improve performance and reduce resource consumption.

They uncovered some significant optimisations very quickly, followed by performance and efficiency tweaks that will combine to improve the overall user experience. The team set to work going through the list of recommendations. Within a few clicks, they were able to make many enhancements, by using the in-app scripts.

Next, intuitive plan to use the recommendations to improve customer service. They're also going to replace their manual list of regular customer health checks with Aireforge Studio's as part of their workflow.

The Result

Happier customers.

By following in-app recommendations, intuitive significantly reduced a key query for within their holidays quote repricing function. This will result in time savings for their users and an improved experience for the end customer.

Increased data security and performance.

By following best practices, the team has further improved how they identify and resolve issues before they impact customers. They can be more proactive, adding value to the way their client's data is managed and providing a great service.

Better insight.

The team plan to use Aireforge Studio's shared profile to provide a central overview of their databases. They have confidence to make changes because Aireforge Studio provides links to the resources backing their recommendations.