Save Time With Aireforge Studio: A Case Study

Save Time With Aireforge Studio: A Case Study

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Save Time With Aireforge Studio

José Guay is an incredibly busy director at a software company. He uses Aireforge Studio to find issues with his client's databases. By using in-app prioritization and suggestions, he can get results for his customers, in a smarter, faster way. This frees up time to spend it where he's needed the most - providing expert advice and mentorship for his team.

The Challenge

José wears many hats at work - director, developer, account manager, mentor and database manager. He works at CSW Solutions, a full-service software development company. Their clients are diverse, ranging from Cultural Institutions to Financial Services.

His biggest test is accomplishing everything the team sets out to do. Their standards are high for their clients and they aim to excel in all areas. However, when managing such a variety of customers and services, it's a constant balancing act. José is a SQL Server expert, but with so much to do, he doesn't get as much time as he would like to keep on top of the latest technical changes.

The Solution

José uses Aireforge Studio to get a full overview of his client's databases, fast. For companies with large estates, it gives him a quick understanding of what issues should be handled as a priority. This means he can handle his workload more strategically. He then uses the in-app suggestions combined with his own experience to implement solutions.

José also uses the application to conduct quarterly checks and reviews. This helps him standardize what's checked regularly and ensures client's estates are optimized in accordance with the latest updates to SQL Server.

The Result

Happier clients. By working more efficiently, José and his team can optimize databases even faster than before, with results that the customer can benefit from immediately.

More time. By standardizing some database tasks and using in-app knowledge rather than having to always rely on his own, José's valuable experience can be focused elsewhere.

Increased innovation. The team can stay on top of the latest technical changes without having to spend hours researching through the in-app knowledge base.